Our Vision

"To Bring Glory to God"

Our Mission

"To propagate the Word of God to the World"

"Supuwath Arana" which comes under the archdioceses of Colombo, is a Psycho, Spiritual, Social, Integral, Holistic Formation Center, situated at Seeduwa Sri Lanka. This Center is a charitable organization which spans a 6½ Acre landscape. The landscaping and environment has been created to suite the atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

The Centre provides guidance to Children, Youth, Parents Animators, Teachers and Families, to become; more divine, powerful, enthusiastic, responsible, target oriented human beings. The Center caters to a large population of the community irrespective of their beliefs and faiths. All programs held at the centre are conducted free of charge.

About Us

Situated at Seeduwa, 30km from the capital city of Colombo-Sri Lanka, the "Good News Catholic Ashram" is a Psycho - Spiritual Center under the Arch Bishop of Colombo Most. Rev. Dr. Malcom Cardinal Ranjith.

The Center is open throughout the year to all religious denominations from all walks of life. Built on a 6 1/2 acre land, consisting of a large pavillion of 3,000 sq. ft. a center stage for services which accommodates around 2000 people, counseling rooms, recording studio and a landscape with ponds, mountains and floating cells and floating meditation hall and a chapel, this atmosphere is indusive for prayer and suitable for meditations.

The Center Objective

The holistic formation of persons. Addressing the mind body and soul, by way of counseling, inner healing therapies, inner healing services with the Blessed Sacrament and sharing the word of God. The Center caters to a large segment of the population namely children, youth, widows, parents and the formatters. Day to day issues of youth problems, family conflicts, marriage guidance, and social problems are addressed at the center. Personal counseling is provided where necessary.

The Center Director / Administration

Rev Fr. Darrel Coonghe has been appointed as a chaplain to this Ministry by the Arch Bishop of Colombo four years ago. He counts twelve years of service in the Priest hood and presently in charge of this Center as the Director. He is assisted by several voluntary groups which supports and maintains the activities of the center. These groups are formed as committees namely Finance, Technical, Prayer and Logistics. The Finance Committee's main task is to generate the funds necessary to build the infrastructure facilities and for the maintenance of the center through various fund raising projects and voluntary donations. All funding activities are carried out under the supervision of the Director. Banking and maintaining of the accounts are also the responsibilities of this committee. The Technical committee is involved in the planning execution and the supervision of the technical facilities of the Center. The maintenance of the same is also supervised by this team. The Prayer Team assists the Director in the Faith services that the center carries out. The Logistic team is in charge of the technicalities involved in sound propagation and digital recording of the Faith services and allied functions.

Visiting the Ashram

Everyone from all walks of life are invited to the center to renew their spirituality and to experience inner peace, love and tranquility to uplift your soul. Please visit the - Visit the Ashram - page to view more information on how you can contact and visit the center. You can also view a video presentation about the center in that page. An online application can be filled in the visit the ashram page and you are advised to review your preparations in planning a visit to the center.

The Objective of the center

The Objective of the center is to recreate you into confident personality who can face all the struggles in Life; to renew you completely and to give the opportunity and the tools you need to get rid yourself from stress; then to enjoy personal, family and professional life; to uplift you spiritually and to complete the holistic formation in yourself for a better life within the Christian faith.

Counselling Service
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Counselling Service

Is your life in perfect harmony and balanced, do you need help with life issues?

In an increasingly competitve world more and more people experiance the bitterness of stress, depression and the frustrations of balancing life, work and responsibilities. Confrontations, mis-understandings and faliure to accept others in life has become damaging factors frequently felt denting and some times destroying the beautiful flow of life.

Supuwath Arana assists individuals and families from all walks of life to be strong in such situations through meditation and counseling. If you feel that you need guidance and direction in life from a Christian perspective, to experiance the happiness and the ability to forgive the past and live afresh, visit us today.

Come as you are... and leave renewed!

The center provides conseling servies for: Counseling would assist a person to realize these subconscious fears and eventually relieve them from it. Stress and tension could be relived by proper counseling guidance and meditation. The lack of respect understanding and shattered relationships in family life, could be restored by proper guidance and counseling.Trauma counseling is done for people who have undergone traumatic experiences in life. Contacting the center for spiritual conseling:To contact the center to reserve a time slot to meet Rev.Fr.Darral or the highly trained, experianced and caring conseling team, use the contact page or send and e-mail to conseling@supuwatharana.org

Donate Us
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Donate Us

Support the Good News Catholic Ashram

Support the Good News Catholic Ashram in its mission of developing the human mind, body and spirit through meditation, inner healing and therapies to rejuvenate and renew them and direct them to successfully overcome the barriers of life and experience happiness in the things they do and their surroundings.

Your contributions to expand the services of the center, to complete and build the infrastructure and to support the day to day expenses of the center are warm heartedly welcome in any form, be it your time, experience or monetary gift. If you decide to donate funds to the center:

You can write a cross cheque in favor of: Good News Ashram and mail it to: The Good News Catholic Ashram, Kotugoda Road, Seeduwa, Sri Lanka.

Donate locally or internationally to all branches of Seylan Bank Raddolugama Broach (Sri Lanka) account: A/C #: 0620-01092796-001 ; SWIFT No: SEYBLKLX0620

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LEM Foundation
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LEM Foundation

Lasith Elmo Memorial Foundation

The Foundation strives to put into action the values and attitudes of Lasith Elmo Fernando whom God called to rest at the age of 18 years. The young lads greatest adage was "let everyone succeed".

Lasith always stood for the underprivileged, and wanted to lend a helping hand to anyone who had to struggle to succeed in life. Although Lasith had a lot of material and moral support for his family, He was a very simple person in every way who always wanted to help friends and others in need. “Lasith Elmo Memorial Foundation” was formulated in memory of our loving Son to carry out the valued ideas and His great aspirations.

The Foundation was inaugurated on 1st September 2003 which coincided with Lasith’s 19th birth anniversary. The main objective of the Foundation was to facilitate the Education of needy students, by providing financial assistance for tuition fees and other basic needs and granting of Scholarships for exceptionally talented students who are less privileged. To guide young Students in pursuit of their carriers in achieving their objectives.

The Foundation based on the above ideals emphasises on providing assistance and guidance to the underprivileged needy students in education, spiritual and social well being - thereby helping them to be successful in life and to be a more enthusiastic and creative person in society.

For more details visit www.lemfoundation.org

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